Meet Our Principal, Lesley Powell

Lesley Powell
1300 636 212

You guessed it; I am a lawyer and the Principal of Milburns Law but that doesn’t tell you what you really need to know about me does it?

Yes, I have a degree in law and I have practiced for 17 years and if you want to check that out follow this link to the Queensland Law Society. Whilst I wasn’t the star of the class academically at university, some might say I wasn’t that bad.

Now I’m certain that when you followed this link to visit me you were expecting to read a lengthy curriculum vitae of my academic achievements and hear about the time I worked for a law firm called “Messrs This and That” and how wonderful I was. You won’t find that stuff here or anywhere on my website for that matter because being a good academic or student does not make someone a great lawyer.…..and how does telling you where I worked before assist you in any way with why it is that you clicked on this link or even came to my website in the first place? It doesn’t.

Here is what I can tell you with confidence about me……I’m a lawyer who works very hard for you and I am very proud of the results I achieve for my clients and the honourable and dignified way I work to achieve them. I’m thoughtful, courageous and ingenious in all the right ways and I’m tough when I need to be.

Only you know why it is you came to our website and why you wanted to read about me here….and of course please feel free to stay a while and browse around a bit at the important stuff like our services or blog…….or if you are into some fun stuff head on over to Pinch of Salt

If you need my help with something that is troubling you and you require my legal skills please follow this link and I’m there for you just as soon as I can be.

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